Professional codes of ethics state that:


"There is a general obligation for all counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers to receive supervision / consultative support independently of any managerial relationships.

Supervisors and managers have a responsibility to maintain and enhance good practice by practitioners, to protect clients from poor practice and to acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by their role.


Regularly monitoring and reviewing one's work is essential to maintaining good practice. It is important to be open to, and conscientious in considering, feedback from colleagues, appraisals and assessments. Responding constructively to feedback helps to advance practice.


The protection of our clients from poor quality therapy depends on our commitment to continually monitor and improve our skills and abilities, and to learn from others." 


Supervision is the formal structure that provides the essential guidance to our practice as therapists.


My Supervision


During supervision we hold the needs of the client as paramount, but sometimes these needs cannot be met if the therapist / counsellor is unaware of her or his own influence on the client.

Therefore these sessions are time for you to explore your skills and beliefs about your therapy or counselling more deeply, and to gain advice and support from another point of view. 

In the first session, we will discuss a number of issues including: 

· The type of clients with whom you work 
· Your beliefs about how you work 
· What are your needs from and expectations of supervision ?


Various people may have an influence on your work. As such, we will look at the influence and importance of:

· Your employer 
· Your manager 
· Your professional organisation 

or you may be working in private practice in which case we will need to explore how you manage the process on your own.

Finally, we will make arrangements to review our progress at regular intervals, to ensure that your needs and goals are being met and to make sure that you are being both challenged and supported effectively.


Practical Considerations


The supervision relationship is as much about trust and confidentiality as is the therapeutic and counselling relationship. It's important therefore that you find the supervisor who both adds to and complements your practice of psychotherapy and counselling. 

Before you call me, try writing down a few of the issues that you want to address in supervision. You can add some of things that you feel would be a barrier to your learning as well as things that would help you to learn effectively. That way, we can discuss your needs effectively, and design a programme that fits your personality and style.

In 2002 I was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in the Supervision of Counsellors from the University of Birmingham.


Group supervision is also available.

If you'd like to talk about working together then do contact me and we can explore the possibilities.



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