What are psychotherapy and counselling ?


There are many forms of counselling and therapy but they are all simply ways of understanding what we want from our lives and how we might go about achieving those goals. Martin uses the established process of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy. This style of working examines how people understand the world around them, and he helps people create their own success by showing them how they achieved success in the past.

As we grow up we learn very quickly about how the world works and how it affects us. Unfortunately, we do not always come to the right conclusions and we do not always notice when things change. Without really noticing, we behave in ways that can be at best limiting and at worst harmful to us.


As we grow we may do some of the following


  • Make generalisations based on our experiences that do not always hold true.

  • Ignore information that we may not understand or do not want to know.

  • Try to ensure that what we do experience is re-shaped to support our view of things.



During his fifteen years working in the statutory and voluntary sectors, Martin has developed a wide range of skills and techniques. He works to ensure that the issues and concerns that you want to deal with are explored in a precise manner. The objective is to secure the changes that you want as quickly as you want them.


Topics that commonly arise are:

Weight Loss









What happens in the therapy?


During the sessions you will be asked a series of questions relating to your concerns. Also, some new ways of understanding what is happening or has happened to you will be offered. You will be asked to think about the things that you want rather than the things that you do not want. 

Martin will work with you to ensure that you have practical evidence to measure the changes that the therapy seeks to help you to achieve. This means helping you to gain influence or control over the things that concern you. 

In the first session, you will sort out a programme of action and from there, in a series of normally one-hour sessions we will put that plan into action. 

Achievements are reviewed after about six sessions depending on the work plan. You can then decide if you want to carry on to address outstanding concerns or maybe have a break and continue therapy at a future date.



About You


It is possible that at this point you may be feeling unsure of yourself, you may not be able to see a way forward that is simple and easy. Deciding to go for therapy is not easy in this country where emotional and psychological care are not generally supported. 

However, in order to get the most and the best out of your life you may need a more flexible way of looking at the world. Counselling and psychotherapy are just different ways of helping you to increase your flexibility so that you can better achieve your goals and aspirations.




What to do next


A useful exercise is to take a piece of paper and write at the top "What I want.." and then fill the paper with the things that you want to achieve in your life. 

This may be a list of things that you would rather not have and this is very common. For every negative that you have written write the word "therefore I want" after it and complete that phrase with something that is positive and which moves you towards your goal.

Now you need to decide what you want to do next. Feel free to view my profile page or call, fax or email me if:

you want to consider your next move

you want to talk about my approach to therapy and change

you want to hear my voice to find out if we can work together

you want to hear more details of how I work



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If you have private health insurance you may like to check to see if psychotherapy and counselling is covered by your plan.


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