NLP Practitioner


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most exciting philosophies of change to have been developed in the 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, those insights and practical applications are available to you. 


The ability to talk about what it is that you want, to define how you want your life to be and to focus on the specific things that you need to do are central to happiness and success today. NLP provides simple and elegant way to make that happen.


NLP is about the “how” of communication. It is about how we can make the best of who we are and who we want to become. Much more than about simply arriving at our goal it’s about enjoying the process of the journey as well. It’s about having fun on the way and it’s about noticing how we are becoming, what works and what doesn’t.


And yet, we don’t have to do this on our own. NLP provides practical tools and techniques that guide and support us in learning from our own past experiences and from other people. Who do you look to for guidance and support, who are your role models and heroes? We can learn from them essential ideas and concepts and then apply those to ourselves in ways that enhance our lives.


In the following pages you will read about the Lifetide Training NLP Practitioner programme that will introduce you to the personal excellence that NLP can help you to achieve.



Who is this training for...


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about change. So, anyone who


is in the process of change

is thinking about change

works with people about change

wants to make change easier


will benefit from gaining the skills of NLP.


The NLP Practitioner course is about introductions and about learning about you. It’s your attitude that the most important factor. This course is designed help you to gain new practical skills and empower yourself to define and achieve your goals. As you learn, develop and master these skills so you will be more able to help others. The course will be focussed on where you are and how you learn so that you can make the best use of the material.



The journey to a certified Lifetide Training NLP Practitioner has been carefully divided in to seven discrete areas that will cover: 

(specific issues and content are subject to change)


Module 1 –  NLP Basics


The foundations of NLP and where it came from

The basic beliefs of NLP 

How best to think about and talk about your goals

The NLP model – from “here” to “there”

The beginnings of understanding how you do who you are


Module 2 –  Acuity & Calibration


How to build, maintain and deepen rapport

How to meet people and communicate effectively

How to know what effect your communication is having

How to give the right amount of information

Where best to focus your attention


Module 3 – In the best state


How to be “in the moment” or “standing by”

How language helps your communication

How other people tell you their truth

What to do before you get to cross purposes

How to describe your experience

How to understand sensations, feeling and emotions


Module 4 – Influencing others


How to get even further away

The NLP Meta-Model 


How to overcome conditioned  responses 

How to rehearse the future

How to make changes to your personal story


Module 5 – Modelling


How to plan your actions to gain results

How to respect others by doing something different

How to understand the qualities of your memories

How to make changes to patterns that don’t work


Module 6 –  Space, Time & You


How to recognise and change the frame of life

How to learn to keep what is good by doing something different

How to describe your experience

How to renegotiate all those parts of you

How to draw your life story and make it even better


Module 7 –  Integration & Certification


Presentation of projects

Exercises to review and build on the course

Complete the questionnaire

Present Lifetide Training NLP Practitioner certificates


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