Physician heal they self.....

I’ve heard it said that the cobbler’s children go without shoes, although I don’t remember hearing anything similar about poor bankers’ children. So I got to thinking about me which reminds me that many of my clients come to me wanting to make changes to their lives and one of these changes is about weight. My usual stance on this is that weight is about far more than exercise and diet. Just as eating is about far more than nutrition. Food may be fuel and yet it provides a great deal more for us; comfort, validation, excitement, company, community, distraction, relief from boredom and I am sure that you could add a few more to that list. However, I’ve decided this this blog post will be

Twelfth Night Thoughts

So Twelfth night was yesterday which I always thought marked the end of Christmas. Actually, there seems be some disagreement as to when it is – yesterday, today, tomorrow. The end of Christmas or the Roman festival of Saturnalia. I heard on BBC Radio 4 the other day, so it must be true, that Christmas ends on February 2nd. I am still not sure why that is. Feel free to take your pick. Hopefully you had a fun and enjoyable Christmas with gifts or presents measured not so much by cost or size or weight but by relevance. What we in my trade call 2nd positioning. This is, the ability to put yourself in the position or “shoes” of another person. So that on the receiving end you know that h

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